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Hip Hijab

Posted in gender, India, women by arpitaincuba on March 16, 2009

hijab style

hijab style

In old Lucknow, the burqa clad woman is a common sight. If this figure does not induce poignant nostalgia for Lucknow’s old world charm, it incites the tsk-tsking of the tongue and unfounded pity in those who can only view Islam as fanaticism. However, here in the United States, the hijab donning fashion divas have not only caught my attention but also my  imagination. In the pale sea of hipster apathy, the élan and elegance of these young second generation Muslim women is groundbreaking. The dressing style is creatively distinct, understated and enthuses their religious identity with confidence. Furthermore, the style sends out a clear message- it is important for them to be fashionable and yet maintain the modest dress code of Islam. Unfortunately, in the United States, there is no clothing line that caters to the needs of these young women. To overcome this lack they have come up with the most creative styles. High end scarves have become hijabs, shapely long sleeved dresses provide the modesty yet the classiness, layered cardigans make up the elegance, accessories such as berkin bags, color cordinated flats, and funky jewellery all enhance the panache. The modern Muslim woman has arrived. Booyah!

In my research for hijab fashion, I came across this website called hijab style. What a fabulous treasure trove of the latest in hijab fashion and culture. Additionally, I discovered that fashion designers around the world (just not in the U.S.) are picking up on these Hijab divas’ creativity and coming up with new and opulents ways for celebrating and furthering their trendiness. Me gusta mucho!