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Call me Madhavikutty

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My division III at Hampshire College centered around her poetry. I wrote 70 pages of critical analysis focussed on Das’s three poems and made an 11 minute avant-garde film out of “An Introduction.” My father suggested, on several occasions, that I mail my thesis and film to Das but I was too unsure of my educational and creative endeavors to share it with the muse. I had meant to…when I had the confidence to discuss her work with her but I guess three years is too long  a time to garner confidence. She is gone and I’m still working on making a film good enough to show her.


Yo! Your shampoo is toxic!

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Here is a disturbing fact: everyday products such as plastic water bottles, personal care items and household cleaners contain toxic chemicals that can cause early puberty in young girls, and negatively impact adult fertility and reproductive health. Even our environment contains contaminants such as lead, mercury and pesticide residue that can have far-reaching impact on healthy fetal development.

Below are some chemical contributors you should be aware of:

Phthalates are a group of chemical compounds that are mainly used to make plastics more flexible and in perfumes.

Phthalates may cause: hormonal imbalance, developmental/reproductive toxicity, allergy and organ system toxicity.

They are found in:





nail polish

pill coatings

hospital equipment

plastic shower curtains

vinyl flooring

IV bags


BPA is a key building block for polycarbonate plastic. Polycarbonate is a lightweight, shatter and heat-resistant plastic.

BPA cause hormonal disruption and may trigger early puberty in young girls, cancers, hampers fertility and could contribute to childhood behavioral problems such as hyperactivity.

BPA is found in:

Sport water bottles

Baby bottles

Food and milk cartoning

Dental sealants

Canned food lining

And finally for all my wonderful, beautiful women friends out there–Please determine the toxicity of your lipsticks(lead), nailpolish(formaldehyde) and other beauty aids on this database!

My next post will be about alternative affordable substitutes for these toxic cosmetics. Keep reading!

India has voted!

Posted in India, politics by arpitaincuba on May 16, 2009

Congress has re-emerged in Uttar Pradesh! Good Bye Mayawati!


Sardarji is again the P.M. of Bharatvarsh.

Film Screening

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womanbellyLast night my film screened at the Bay Area Women in Film and Media Film Festival in San Francisco.

Lunafest also contacted to and inquired if they can screen .holding it together. in their film festival.

The ball has started rolling!

Bike to work 2009

Posted in bike, san francisco by arpitaincuba on May 14, 2009

Bike to work banner from the websiteEveryday I’m too asleep to even appreciate the community that has build up in the bike car of the Caltrain. I see the same mixed heritage hip-hop dude with his cool addidas shoes, the same Palo Alto bound woman, the same Mountain View bound  Marketing  guy, and the same Silicon Valley nerd twich a day and never acknowledge them. However, today was different.

Today we all choose not to stop to get our free bag, coffee cake and coupons celebrating Bike to Work Day 2009 because we wanted to get on that Southbound Caltrain only to find out on the 22nd st stop that the train will be delayed for 50 minutes at Hillsdale.

This is the 3rd time in the past two weeks that we have been stuck on the train because there was another Caltrain “incident.” So we bitched Caltrain out, we heartlessly hated on this “incident,” and in our commiserating process we all remarked at how comforting it was to see the same faces twice a day on this train–to have a community.

I know its corny but I’m feeling fuzzy and warm for all my Caltrain biker friends!

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