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For all those who made me feel bad about my Facebook addiction-

Posted in web 2.0 by arpitaincuba on June 22, 2009

how does it feel to eat your words?

Disclaimer: This is a gloat post 😛

Three years ago, people gave me shit for my addiction with facebook, youtube, and the internet in general. Now, I get paid good money for it. A year back in grad school, the students in their thirties mocked many of us in our early twenties for knowing everything about the internet. Now, I advice several in their age bracket about how to utilize these social networking tools. This weekend I was paid to attend the Craigslist Foundation Bootcamp and noticed how desperate everyone was to jump onto the web 2.0 bandwagon.

The present political situation in Iran, the Pink Chhadis campaign, and the Obama administration all are sending out clear signals–there is no escaping social networking! And amen for that!